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    The Australian Star Sanitary Ware brand originates from STOTA Australia and is affiliated to Shanghai Fellero Ferrano Overseas Branch. The Australian Star bathroom products are inspired by Australia and have a production base in China, strictly implementing Australian production standards. Since entering the market, it has shown the vitality and creativity of the brand. The design rationally explains that modern people are eager to find a balance between space, aesthetics and function, so that the physical and spiritual aspects are harmonious. Fully reflects Australia’s simple, comfortable and fashionable human life.
    Based on the design and the high-quality and excellent quality, the Australian Star Sanitary Ware is brave in the wave of the times. Once the product was launched, it won the unanimous recognition of the market and has become one of the preferred sanitary brands for high-end residential, high-end office buildings, large public buildings, star-rated hotels and Chinese multi-family homes.
    „Internationally renowned brands” and „Green Environmental Protection First Choice Brands” and many other honorary certificates are the industry’s recognition of our development philosophy of adhering to our own for many years. We are also certified by the Water Mark in Australia.
    The Australian Star bathroom adheres to the philosophy of „Enjoy life with creativity”. Efforts to provide consumers with a creative and enjoyable overall bathroom living space, allowing consumers to appreciate the unique new ideas of bathroom life, highlighting „from Australia, Enjoy bath life.”
    STOTA Development Milestone:
    鈽?999 Yingna Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. established
    鈽?006 STOTA sanitary ware brand registered successfully in Australia and China
    鈽?008 Sanitary ceramic production base was completed
    鈽?010 Won the international quality certification „ISO9001”
    鈽匢n 2012, STOTA Sanitary was named an internationally renowned brand.
    Built bathroom cabinet and hardware production base
    鈽?014 Direct store broke through six
    Start the national investment business model
    鈽匢n 2015, STOTA Sanitary Ware won the honors of „Top Ten Brands of China Sanitary Ware”, „Top 100 Outstanding Enterprises in China” and „Recommended Brands of China Engineering Construction”, and passed the highest level water saving certification in Australia. Water Mark
    鈽?016 STOTA sanitary ware domestic and overseas investment joining hot
    Break through 100 franchise stores
    Established a product design and development experimental base
    Positioning to create a world-class luxury, stylish and energy-saving overall bathroom brand
    鈽?017 Shanghai Branch was established
    STOTA E-commerce Department was established
    Won the honors of „International Famous Brand”, „Top Ten Brands in China Sanitary Ware Industry”, „Quality, Service, Integrity AAA Enterprise”, „Green Environmental Protection Preferred Product”
    鈽?018 Komi Milan brand bathroom custom online
    Yingna Merchants Department was established
    Won the „Excellent Space Design Award”
    鈽?019 Smart bathroom cabinet 2 plant completed and put into production
    Company Culture
    Brand positioning: From Australian design, overall home bathroom life brand
    Brand concept: Create a family’s overall bathroom living space with creativity
    Brand slogan: From Australia, enjoy bath life
    Brand tonality: Fashion, comfort, health, personality;
    Corporate Vision
    Focus on R&D and innovation to improve the quality of life of users’ bathroom environment
    Our Mission: Build a comfortable living space, create a high standard service system to meet the user’s private bathroom space customization
    Corporate values: Grateful, honest, pragmatic, innovative, collaborative, and win-win
    Business Mascot
    The mascot of the Australian Star Bathroom – „Kaka” was born on August 10, 2015. He wore a hat with the Australian flag on his head and a flag with the Australian star brand LOGO on his right. He carried his favorite eucalyptus leaves and was the cartoon image of the Australian national treasure koala, representing „nature, harmony.” Brand image of „Environmental, pleasant and pleasant”.P Trap Water Closet price