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    Company Profile
    Our Vision: Grasp the opportunities brought by the automotive lightweight and the high power of microwave communication. To be a high efficiency solution service provider of key component of automotive aluminum alloy by relying on one stop service of material performance, product design, equipment matching, casting process and mold technology.
    Company Strategy: „Honor for honest, Technology Innovation, Delight customer” as the core value. Relying on technological innovation and advanced technology integration to become a high-performance, high efficiency solution facilitator”, and makes unremitting efforts to fulfill its mission of „creating added values for customers for win-win results, increasing the earnings of employees, and sharing profit with shareholders”.
    After 30 years’ of development, Superband has become a process research and service new high-tech enterprise, which specialized in the integrative research and supplying of aluminum alloy material performance, product design, equipment matching, casting technology and mold technology. It is committed to new aluminum alloy casting technology and new technology innovation. It has abilities of mold design and manufacturing in low-pressure casting, high-pressure casting, counter-pressure casting, squeeze casting, forging mould and gravity casting. Superband has been insisting on establishing industry-university-research relations with famous universities such as South China University of Technology and Shanghai Jiaotong University, etc and such leading enterprises as CITIC Dicastal, ZTE, etc, continues to explore high efficiency and high performance technical solutions.
    Since 2008, Superband has been awarded successively the „National high tech enterprise” ,”Private high-tech enterprises in Guangdong province” and so on, also set up „Research center of casting engineering technology for aluminum alloy”. „Superband” brand aluminum wheel mould products are named „Brand-name products in Guangdong province”.Since 2015, Superband has taken the Guangdong province application technology research and development projects. In 2016, Superband undertook Foshan enterprise core technology key project, and now takes over 20 technology projects which committed by customers, Superband is worth of the name of engineering technology center in casting industry. Up to 2019, 71 science & technology transformations realized and 112 patents authorized(10 invention patents contained). Superband has passed not only ISO9001 and ISO14001, but also IATF16949 and D.U.N.S Registered certificate. As supplier, Superband has been approved and qualified by Ford, Toyota, Nissan and etc. The indirect supplier for all the China brand automotive companies.
    Superband’s engineering team makes researches assiduously and makes innovations continuously; this is the foundation of Superband. Customer demand-oriented, it carries forward the pioneering spirit in cross-domain, has made outstanding contributions in the rapid development of the major business: automotive aluminum alloy wheel hub moulds, chassis structure moulds and automotive aluminum alloy high pressure die casting parts by relying on the process technology, design technology, and manufacturing technology it has mastered. 1) Superband believes that only continuous improvement of product performance can let the enterprise stand in the forefront of the industry and bring the tremendous value to the rapid growth of the foundry industry. Superband is the largest aluminum alloy wheel hub mould production base with the shortest delivery time. It is China’s largest OEM automotive aluminum wheel hub tooling supplier with a market share of over 60%. 3) In high-pressure casting, its 350t-2000t automatic casting production lines are characterized by energy saving, high efficiency and stable operation. It provides oxygenated casting for auto parts with high strength requirements or needing aging treatment; uses vacuum die-casting for cooling cases with high thermal conductivity and difficult to form. High-precision and high difficulty product characteristics have been formed through perfect combination between Mould design and manufacturing and pressure die casting process. 4) In automotive light weight part moulds of process technology and mould manufacturing, it also has made a breakthrough, it has completed design and manufacture of chassis moulds for automotive steering knuckles, control arms, wheel brackets, hollow subframes and other representative products, and it contains counter-pressure casting, low-pressure casting and other casting technology.
    In the long course of development, Superband attaches great importance to enhancing its production and processing capacities, now it has established 3 mould manufacturing bases in Foshan, Qinghuangdao and Kunshan, also set up mould service bases in Binzhou, Yangzhou, Chengdu and Changsha, which always highlight the strength of the enterprise. Superband uses 40% of its net profit of the previous year for reinvestment in high-end, precise and advanced processing equipment and professional testing equipment in order to effectively improve production efficiency and product quality and reduce labor intensity. Superband strictly implements international quality management system in all of its production processes, now it is promoting cultural reengineering, personnel reengineering, technology reengineering, and process reengineering projects. Its three-dimensional control platform under construction can provide effective support for realizing its corporate orientation of „first-class team, first-class technology, first-class management, first-class quality, and first-class service „.
    Since 2018, Superband has engaged Hong Kong Productivity Council(HKPC) as the consultant, officially launched the 2025 intelligent manufacturing project, and Superband is relying on the integration of informatization, mechanization and automation to achieve a high level of lean production, and gradually stepping into the ranks of advanced manufacturing enterprises.
    Over the past 30 years, Superband has been developing along with the rapid growth of China’s automobile industry. In the process of its development from zero to the largest scale of the same enterprise in the world, Superband has made outstanding contributions to China’s aluminum wheel hub industry. In the future, Superband will continue to strive for the first technology, first quality and first efficiency in the world aluminum wheel hub industry.
    Production Ability
    Superband factory occupied 60 thousands square meters,contains office buildings , workshops and warehouse with more than 600 employees.
    Company Site:
    3 Production Bases
    4 Maintenance & Service Sites
    Foshan Headquarter
    Kunshan Branch
    Qinhuangdao Branch
    Production Capacity:
    Aluminum alloy casting mold Annual capacity more than 3000sets.
    Aluminum alloy die casting parts Annual capacity more than 2100,000Pcs.
    Mold Workshop:
    Die Casting parts Workshop:
    Production Equipment:
    In Superband,we use advanced production and inspection equipments,combined with advanced ERP system to reach effective management.
    We have more than 100 different kinds of equipment which from Japan, Germany, USA, Australia ,Taiwan and China. We continue to invest RMB20million on equipment upgrades every year.
    Mold Workshop:
    * High speed CNC machining center* Milling Compound machining center* Vacuum Furnace
    * Vertical Machining center* 4-Axis Horizontal machining center* CNC Milling machine
    * Horizontal CNC lathe* CNC Spark machine* Vertical CNC lathe
    * CNC Laser cutting machine* Well heat treatment furnace* Double-Sided Milling Machine
    * DMG High-Speed Machining Center* Makino High-Speed Machining Center* Die Spotting Machine
    * EDM* Linear Cutting Machine* Graphite Machining Center
    * Surface grinding machine
    Die Casting Parts Workshop:
    * Die casting Machines* CNC Lathe* CNC Milling Machine
    * Central Furnace* Robot Polishing* Sand-Blasting machine
    * Hot air circulation full fiber aging furnace* X-RAY inspection Machine
    Quality Assurance
    Superband as a ISO9001 / IATF16949/ ISO 14001 certificated manufacturer, We attached great attention to product quality control. „Strict management,High quality, High reputation, Excellent service”is Superband’s quality policy. We will do everything to satisfy customers with high quality products and excellent service.
    Material Source Inspection:
    * Request qualification certificates of each batch, cut samples to the third party for inspection.
    * Chemical Component Inspection
    * Outer dimension inspection
    Process Control Inspection:
    * Metallographic examination
    * Hardness Inspection
    * Mechanical Test
    * Ultrasonic Flaw Detection
    Parts Inspection:
    *Cavity Inspection: By CMM, 3D Handy Scanner, Image measuring instrument
    * Die Spotting inspection
    * Waterway inspection
    * Hydraulic testing
    Main Testing Machines:
    ISO9001 / IATF16949 / ISO 14001
    R&D and Engineering
    Superband offer One-Stop Service for our clients including: New Technology R &D, Material Research, Wheel Design, FEM and CAE, Mould Design, Casting Simulation, Processing, Mold Trial, On-site Service.
    In the past 30 years, Our team finished analysis and mold design for automotive aluminum wheel and automotive chassis including steering knuckle mold / subframe / callipers etc.
    Technical Center Origination
    60 technicians in the center, they are the core strength of our company.
    We have always attached great importance to R & D, which we invest 10million RMB in every year.
    Focus on industry-university cooperation, have set up long-term technical alliance with major universities.
    Be honored with „State High and New Technology Enterprise”, established provincial level technical center of aluminum alloy casting mold.
    One-Stop Service in Superband
    1. Material Performance Research: We research and develop new aluminum alloy material to improve mechanical properties according to product feature.
    The application of high strength and ductility die casting aluminum alloy.
    High strength and ductility casting aluminum material is one kind of new material we use now which can be improve product mechanical properties. Tensile strength can be reach 300MPa, Minimum 6% elongation rate, mainly used in car body structure.
    2. Product Design: We offer product design for our clients including automotive wheel, steering knuckle, cylinder block, cylinder head, telecommunication and street light etc aluminum alloy products. The Automotive wheel design is accompanied by development of Superband company, now already with more than 20 years’s design history.
    Finite Element Analysis / Computer Aided Engineering Analysis
    3.Casting Process: Provide Mold trial and On-Site technical service. We are the mold factory which has ability to do the trial, it can help our clients to improve the once qualified rate, also can provide trial parameter to customers for reference.
    4. Mold Technology: Provide low cost and high efficiency mold design.We make customized mold design according to client’s requirement and combined with actual casting conditions. Help clients to improve in key index of casting, such as metal use rate,efficiency,qualification rate which is useful for cost reduction.
    Wheel Mold design
    High Pressure Mold Design
    Automotive Chassis Mold Design
    Industry-University-Research Cooperation
    Superband focus on industry-university cooperation,Our technology center establish long term cooperation with South China University and other famous universities.
    In 2005, „Superband”brand aluminum alloy wheel mold products were named „Brand-name products in Guangdong province”
    Since the beginning of 2005, Superband has won the the „National high-tech enterprise”, „Private high-tech enterprise in Guangdong province” and so on, also set up the provincial, municipal and district level „Research center of casting engineering technology for aluminum alloy”.
    In 2006, Superband was awarded the honorary title of „Tax over RMB 30million enterprises in 2006”by the Foshan Municipal People’s government for the first time and become a real big tax payer.
    In 2017, Superband won the title of „The top 20 enterprise of China’s die casting mould production enterprise”
    In 2017, Superband won the title of „Enterprise technology center in Foshan.China Automotive Subframe Mold